Straight Razor For A Perfect Shave

Among many types of razors, the straight edge razors have always been the first option for men as it gives a clean and smooth shave and reduces the growth rate of facial hair. By shaving with the best straight razor a man always looks presentable. To know more about these unique razors one can browse the website and get benefitted. There are plenty of options with the men in terms of razors among which they can choose the best one that suits them. They can keep on changing the type of the razor depending on their skin type.

Process Of Shaving The art of shaving comes by practice for all men. However, most of them ignore some facts about shaving that offer comforts while shaving. The growth of facial hair is very unique. Though all the hairs have upward growth. they follow some direction while growing. The growth of stubble is very much in one direction, which many times cause the shaving a painful exercise. If the cut is done along with the growth, the process offers good comfort. On the other sire if the cut is made against the growth of the stubble it created pain. Hence most men prefer one sided shave especially in the chin and avoid double sided or reverse shaving which causes pain as well as some cuts.

The role of aftershave is very important to offer men a relief after such shaving. The antiseptic materials used in the aftershave products not only close the wounds created by the cuts but also offer coolness in the area. This is the real USP of the present day aftershave products which are sold in the market. These products act to close the open pores and also protect the skin from infection. As some of the cheap lotions contain alcohol, the application will leave a burning sensation on the surface of the skin.

Using The Straight Edge Razor The most important thing needs to be considered in the straight edge razor is that it must be sharp from the tip so that it can be easily handled. The reason behind this is that the sharper will be the razor and only then the shave will be better. The razor must also be safer to use so that it do not cut the throat of the shaver. In earlier days, straight edge razor was the only option with the men. It was designed in such a way that can lead to the cut at the throat. It was considered as the dangerous to use.

Searching for the different types of straight razors on the local stores can be daunting but these can be purchased from an online store also. There are many online stores that are dealing with such razors for the men. Purchasing these straight razors in large variety can save lots of time also as compared to searching for the same in the local store. The real benefit of the straight razor is that the older will be the razor, better results could be achieved.