Do You Need A Weight Vest?

Body Armor was is one of the most common terms in the Crossfit Community. It was developed by Lt. Murphy who loved running for a mile, 100 push-ups and 300 squats wearing a 25-pound flak jacket. There are so many options of weight vests that are available today. 20 pounds is the recommended weight vest level. There are weight vests of various types available in many fitness stores and it might seem very intense when you think about wearing one of them and doing your workouts. Websites such as has listed out various benefits of training wearing a weight vest. If you are looking to buy one, visit that can help you with your search.

Because they are named weight vests does not mean that they are heavy. These vests are worn over the torso and while working out it provides resistance in various levels. They are designed in such a way that you can add or remove weight bars as per your need. They offer high versatility and you can do any exercises such as jogging, climbing, push-ups, sit-ups etc. wearing them.

Even though it sounds simple when put across that way, weight vests cannot be used by anyone. Before using a weight vest make sure that you understand your fitness level. It depends on how well you are able to do many of your CrossFit exercises or workouts. How much you are able to do? How your movements are? Do you experience any struggle during workouts? You need to think about this. If you are not at par with your fitness level, you must think about working on it first before trying on the weight vest. It offers resistance and it might stop you from doing your regular workouts if you are not at the required fitness level. If you want you can test and see how well you fare with a lightweight vest and then think about going for heavier ones.

The intensity and the time frame for each workout is different. If you are already doing heavy workouts, it is better to avoid weight vests and make it even more difficult. Also, if you are focussing on one particular part of your body, wearing a body vest will divert you from the attention you are giving to that. It is true that working out wearing the weight suit makes you fitter and improves your stamina. If you want to push yourself and see how well your body can handle the extra pressure, you can go for it.

Once you have decided to put it on, the next decision is about how much weight you are going to add to the weight vest. If you are looking to vary your metcons, adding 5 pounds should be enough. This will give you that level of extra difficulty you are hoping to achieve. Wearing weight vest can cause extra pressure on your foot and knees. If you are planning to run or jog wearing a weight suit remember this as it will add more weight for your foot fall to handle. Your joints will also face the weight of the suit. Therefore, if you have had any injuries in your leg or joints or foot, it is better to avoid going for a weight vest.