Welcome Cannabis Tourists

It's been exactly 507 days since we legalized marijuana in Washington State.  It appears we are in the back stretch for a timid opening about mid-summer.  Some stores will open with limited product selection so It's finally time for us to start thinking about tourism.

I haven't been sitting on my laurels these 507 days! I've tried a number of event concepts and gained valuable experience as to what will work best as we begin to see our guests coming in this summer.  I've done many media interviews and solidified the Washington State Cannabis Tourism Association brand.  I've spent a good deal of time doing impromptu focus groups with young international travelers staying at Hostels.  I've been staying abreast of the Seattle area Marijuana Business Association as it begins to grow and prepares for the grand opening.

New Cannabis Tourism businesses are beginning to spring up.  Here's a list of those we know of to date:

White Mustache Urban Adventures

Non-Licensed Investment Opportunities in Cannabis Tourism

Here are some that are in the works:

CannaCabs - Look for the CannaCab  Brand to get you where you need to go.
MaryJaneMember - A private member club for the younger set that will have a variety of events going on all year.
BoomerBuds - A private member club for boomers, and boomer lovers, that will have a variety of events going on all year.

I am working diligently to try and get a partner that has great experience in the tourism industry, to take us to the next level.  We are looking for Bed and Breakfasts willing to become, vaporizer-friendly, Bud and Breakfasts.  Right now no hotels, that I know of, are openly offering rooms for marijuana smokers.

Until the stores open with full shelves and we can get hotels on board; cannabis tourism in Washington will come out at a trot and then gain momentum into the 2015 season; which is fine with us.  We've waited 40 years (+507 days and counting) and can wait a bit more to get it right.

True cannabis tourist pioneers can come in this summer and we'll have enough going on to keep you happy.  Welcome to the Evergreen State!