Welcome Cannabis Tourists

The Washington State Cannabis Tourism Association formed in response to the overwhelming approval of Washington State voters on Initiative 502;  legalizing small amounts of marijuana-related products for most adults.

Our mission at The Washington State Cannabis Tourism Association is to provide the most comprehensive, up to date information on this fledgling new industry as it matures. Look for links to new businesses and keep track of the ground rules as they develop.

Our goal is to become the number one information source for cannabis tourists and entrepreneurs, in the State of Washington. Use us to plan your new adventures and ventures. Look for cannabis tourism booking, itinerary services and maps for the adventurous. Don’t forget the community, marketing services, training and advocacy for the venturous.

In the spirit of our country’s founding father and the namesake of our state, George Washington ( a hemp farmer); we are pleased to carry on the great traditions of documenting and providing information to the new pioneers of this long awaited journey into a period of peace through cannabis.

We invite everyone, travelers, entrepreneurs and observers to join us in this exciting new adventure.